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Alfonso Molina

Personal Ecosystem Canvas

Designed by Professor Alfonso Molina, the Personal Ecosystem Canvas (PEC) is a tool for investigating the personal ecosystem to align it with the social and work spheres. The personal ecosystem-multidimensional...

Job Digital Lab learning cards

Play your cards with Job Digital Lab!

Each learning card, designed for the Job Digital Lab project, contains little information that is easy to memorize, to quickly familiarize yourself with the new language and master the basic...

Mirta Michilli

Contributions by Mirta Michilli

Contributions on social innovation and digital transformation of schools are published in specialized journals and magazines. A selection of articles is being updated: PUBBLICAZIONI M. Michilli, Un presidente dalla maniere...

Alfonso Molina

Contributions by Alfonso Molina

A selection of interviews, insights, articles, etc. related to the work of the Digital World Foundation and the role of scientific director: Molina, A., Innovazione Sociale e Tecnologica, Apprendimento Intergenerazionale...

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FavolApp is an app that helps children, with simple games, recognize their own emotions and those of their friends and family members. By interpreting what characters from Cinderella, Snow White...



Interland is an online game designed to help children learn, through four different experiences, fundamental lessons related to web safety. Created with the help of digital safety development experts, the...

Curriculum mapping

Curriculum mapping

It presents a selection of cross-curricular activities that each teacher can implement and customize to find new teaching solutions and further expand connections between different areas and curricular subjects. It...



Kit:Cut is an ambitious research project aimed at the world of education and training to foster contamination between traditional and non-traditional disciplines. Kit:Cut aims to enhance the creative, digital, manual...

robot emotivi

Non-cognitive skills

From the pandemic, we have not only learned how strategic digital technologies can be, but also how the noncognitive skills of leaders, teachers and family members have made a difference...

Education for life and digital inclusion

Educazione per la vita e inclusione digitale

"An innovative school is a school that ensures lifelong access to the educational treasure, which makes people learn to learn always and everywhere. ICT, information and communication technologies, are a...