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We offer workshops for classes of all levels. Orientation courses. Summer School. In the transversal skills and orientation pathways (Pcto) students interact with professionals and companies and are confronted with real people, organisations and production models.


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Entra nel mondo dell'AI

Enter the world of AI

"Entra nel mondo dell'AI" is the first course-workshop on artificial intelligence developed for schools by the Fondazione Mondo Digitale within the Ambizione Italia per la scuola programme, promoted with Microsoft...

Cloud computing

Cloud computing

The cloud (the computing cloud) is now indispensable for everyone. Companies implent functions, services and infrastructure through the cloud. And everyone shares music, photos and documents every day by storing...

Serious Game

Developing Serious Game

Video games are not just entertainment. Companies and cultural enterprises also use the narrative and immersive potential of video games to make simulations, products and events more engaging. Games of...