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What’s the Class Mood?

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What’s the Class Mood?

What’s the Class Mood?

Liceo Amaldi, Rome: from a PCTO to a project for the Maker Faire

Valerio Giuseppe Serra, a student at the Liceo Scientifico Edoardo Amaldi in Rome, has just completed his third year. His passions include robotics, IT and sports, both real and virtual. He already has a clear idea of his educational and professional future: he wants to attend university and specialize in computer security, maybe working for the Postal Police.

Valerio participated in the PCTO on environmental sustainability based on the first indoor field for drone flights, developed at the school as part of Programme Smart & Heart Rome, funded by the Department for Digital Transformation of the City of Rome.

Participating actively in the various activities organised by the course on soft skills and orientation, Valerio developed a passion for the sustainability challenge and, together with six classmates, developed Aero+,  a system to monitor environmental data.



One of the sessions that interested him in monitoring and data gathering was meeting with Sap Italia experts, including Davide Mambrini, Transportation and Services Industries, Presales Team.



“The group worked on the project outside of school and PCTO hours,” explains Mathematics and Physics Professor Assunta Chiummariello. “They selected a coordinator who would keep me informed of their activities and bringing my observations and suggestions back to the team, which was well-organised based on each member’s interests.”

The Aero+ System is based on three weather stations that monitor the temperature and humidity, analyse air quality with the MQ-135 sensor, and identify inflammable gasses and CO2 with the MQ-9 sensor. The system performs the following actions:

  • Analyse the air in the areas attended by students
  • Provides a constantly updated overview of the situation
  • Prevents any accidents that could be caused by the presence of inflammable gasses
  • Allows the school to boast a cutting-edge system developed by the students

“The student’s idea was to provide the system to the school community through the real-time publication on monitors throughout the school, or via any digital device connected to the Internet,” adds the professor.

We won’t tell you any more, as the project is participating the  Call for Schools of the Maker Faire 2022. And on October 7-9, we hope to meet these seven young developers: Giulia ArdeleanChristian AuriniLorenzo CannavòAlfonso Maria GiorginiLorenzo PasiniFrancesco Sannino and Valerio Giuseppe Serra.

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