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Keep Your Brain On, On-line

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Keep Your Brain On, On-line

Keep Your Brain On, On-line

Generations On-line and the “Maturità”

“Keep it on. Post, comment, share without turning your brain off.”

For this year’s final exams, one of the options for the written exam (Option C) was to reflect on digital communications and on-line reputation based on a short essay written by Vera Gheno and Bruno Mostraianni, published by Longanesi. 

Very much along the same lines, we recommend you watch the last meeting of Generations On-line with Philosopher Bruno Mastroianni amongst the experts.

“I like errors. I like to understand what happens when we don’t work right. Studying communications in this type of dynamics is difficult. In reality, the health of relations is measured far more by errors than by perfection. In fact, we should almost be worried when everything works out, because it’s as if we became impermeable spheres, but we need a few cracks …”



How will young men and women understand that the Internet is above all a world of relations? How can we help them empathise with each other from behind a screen? It is fundamental to educate them to digital empathy so they can enjoy the web and technology conscientiously and constructively, benefitting from the opportunities that exist on-line.

This was the topic of the fourth educational session of “Generations On-line” through which the Fondazione Mondo Digitale and Google, as part of Programme Be Internet Awesome, aim to provide teachers and parents with useful knowledge and tools for the education of youth. The on-line meeting provided an opportunity for Assunta Corbo, journalist and author of “Digital Empathy”, and Bruno Mastroianni, philosopher and author of “The Happy Dispute,” to choose the right ingredients for a sound digital wellbeing of youth.

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