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Apps and Digital Tools

Apps and Digital Tools

"Be internet awesome" in Rome’s elderly centres.

The activities organised by Project Fully Enjoy the Internet in Rome’s elderly centres with educational sessions on digital citizenship, life-improving apps and digital tools for socialisation.

This week’s activities will be held in Rome districts (“municipi”) 1, 10 and 11.

The 1st District is the one with the highest age index, while the 10th is the youngest, but has the highest number of elderly centre members, over 7.400. The 11th District is amongst the least populated, with as many residents as Cagliari (Sardinia).

This week’s sessions (17.00 -18.30)

  • June 30, Cardano-Amici del sorriso (XI Municipio), Life-improving Apps, Coach Edoardo Lorenzo Mancini
  • July 1, Castro Pretorio Sallustiano (I Municipio), Digital Tools for Socialisation, Coach Andrea Santoro
  • July 1, Mario Roma (XI Municipio), Life-improving Apps, Coach Emilio Tripodi
  • July 1,  Casal Bernocchi (X Municipio),  Life-improving Apps, Coach Edoardo Lorenzo Mancini

Be Internet awesome is an educational programme on on-line security promoted by GoogleItalian Postal PoliceAltroconsumo and Anteas. It provides free educational activities to help elders acquire the competences necessary for a full digital citizenship.


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