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Vagone FMD. Da 01 a 100

Vagone FMD a Binario F

Vagone FMD. Da 01 a 100

Vagone FMD. Da 01 a 100

The first replicable and scalable digital practice community at Binario F

The Fondazione Mondo Digitale will continue to organise Binario F activities phyrtually with the “Vagone FMD. From 01 to 100” Programme.


Activities are organised into four areas:

  • Managing the Health Emergency – with innovative formats for all ages on correct scientific information and the use of critical tools to verify sources.
  • Promoting Growth to Drive Economic Recovery – helping small entrepreneurs, craftsmen and social enterprises to develop new models and innovative actions through digital transformation to face the crisis.
  • Paying Attention to Inclusion and Fragility – we do not leave the fragile behind, like those who have lost their jobs or need to rapidly acquire new skills for the job market, or elders, who are often excluded from participation in every aspect of social life.
  • Promoting Key Skills through Youth and Schools – involve students in courses on digital and entrepreneurial skills, as well as new professions.



  • Support the digital transformation of citizens, small enterprises and organisations by placing the needs of local communities at the centre of the strategy to overcome the crisis.
  • Promote entrepreneurial training, self-enterprise and business culture.
  • Promote the role of SMEs and third sector organisations as a reference point for local communities.
  • Create opportunities for exchange and collaboration amongst the public and private sectors with a cross-fertilisation approach.
  • Develop habits and skills for the development of shared, innovative solutions to common problems.



Craftsmen and small entrepreneurs working in tourism, culture, restaurants and services; managers and social entrepreneurs; third sector and public operators; youth and other vulnerable categories.



  • LIVE DIGITAL LAB – Labs dedicated to enterprises and third secto organisations to explore the potential of digital tools and experiment with innovative communications, on-line sales and markets.
  • CHECK TALK – Collaborative format to help citizens acquire the critical tools necessary to verify information and correctly interpret facts.
  • HOT & COLD CASES - Mini task force composed by experts, representatives of public institutions and enterprises, students and citizens to discuss current issues, from the health emergency to the ecological transition and identify proposals and answers cooperatively.
  • VIDEO HELP - 5 video guides on “How to …” Easy tutorials to share and watch in any situation.

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