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Three Days Dedicated to Scientific Communication

Poncho coltivato nel fab lab della Palestra dell'Innovazione

Three Days Dedicated to Scientific Communication

Three Days Dedicated to Scientific Communication

SciCo+: magazine forthcoming with an article on the Innovation Gym.

Ciencia Viva is hosting the third transactional meeting for the Project SciCo+ consortium and an Open Seminar High Professional Skills for Advanced Science Communication in Lisbon (Portugal). The appointment is November 29 through December 1at the National Agency for Scientific and Technological Culture, the Portuguese partner of the consortium headed by Fondazione Idis-Città della scienza, which involves organisations in: ItalyIrelandPortugalRomania, and Sweden.

Participants in the three-day meeting and scientific communications debate include Annaleda Mazzucato, Project Manager, Fondazione Mondo Digitale; Alessandra Drioli, Manager Science Centre, Fondazione Città della Scienza; Anna Gunnarsson, Project Manager and Manager, Navet Science Centre; Alfredo Troiano, IT Manager, Databenc; Aoife Taylor, researcher at the Trinity College in Dublin. 

The event is open to researchers, professionals and experts who work in the field of science and innovation communication. It will provide an opportunity to discuss the SciCo+ model and methodology, developed starting from the project partners’ good practices and published in the first issue of the New Frontiers in Science Communication scientific journal, soon available on the project website.

The first issue also includes a contribution from the Fondazione Mondo Digitale, signed by Director General Mirta Michilli  and Scientific Director Alfonso Molina. The article entitled “The Innovation Gym as a Scientific Communication Factory” presents the experiential learning model of the Innovation Gym, an open environment for the community to exercise 21st century skills, from entrepreneurship to professional growth.

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