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Summer School in Medicine

Summer School in medicina

Summer School in Medicine

Summer School in Medicine

A proposal by the Rome Campus Bio-Medico University

For RomeCup 2023, the Rome Campus Bio-Medico University (UCBM) opened the doors of its simulation facilities to young men and women who had the opportunity to experience how assistance and cure activities can take place domestically, at a hospital, or in a surgical theatre.

The high school students were especially fascinated by the anatomical table for virtual dissection, dedicated to studies and practice on the human anatomy, that allows students to practice what they have learnt at the theoretical level [see news: Virtual Reality at Hospitals].

Students attending their third and fourth years of high school in 2022-23 have the opportunity of attending the Summer School in Medicine (September 4-8) at the Rome Campus Bio-Medico University.

Students who do not live in Rome can take advantage of the room and board option (including transportation) at a four-star facility under the constant supervision of an UCBM tutor.

What happens at the Summer School? “Lectures and experiences in the field of anatomy, histology, and oncology await you. You will have the opportunity to better prepare your studies at UCBM. Furthermore, you will be able to learn about the methodologies and training courses offered by Cordua Srl, a leading national-level company in the preparation of Medicine programme admission tests. By participating in the UCBM Summer School, you will also be entitled to a special 15% discount on the registration fee for other preparatory courses organized by Cordua Srl.”

Registration for the Summer School is open until 30 August. Until Friday August 4, you can apply for one of the three scholarships provided by UCBM that are assigned based on income and merit criteria (for further information, please call 06 22541 5050).

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