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Overcoming Limits with Youth

Milano Digital Week

Overcoming Limits with Youth

Overcoming Limits with Youth

Milano Digital Week with Microsoft and Sap

There are two appointments  on Friday, October 6: Rising Youth: New Intelligence Systems and Cyber Analyst for a Day! At 10 am the Istituto Schiaparelli Gramsci will host Project Rising Youth with SAP experts explaining emerging technology to students. At 10:30, the Microsoft House, will host the CyberSHEcurity Challenge for young women looking for efficient strategies to counter cyberattacks. 

Once again, the Fondazione Mondo Digitale ETS will be at the Milano Digital Week 2023 (Oct. 5-9), the event dedicated to education, culture, and digital innovation, promoted by the City of Milan and organised in collaboration with IAB Italia, Cariplo Factory, and Hublab. The event will hold labs on AI, robotics, IoT, industry 4.0, and immersive experiences related to jobs of the future. The sixth edition will focus on “Developing Our Limits: For an Inclusive, Sustainable, and Ethical Digital Transition and Technological Innovation.”

The two appointments are organised by the Fondazione Mondo Digitale ETS that reaffirms its frontline commitment to drive the digital transition in an inclusive manner with courses dedicated to social inclusion, sustainable innovation, exchange of knowledge, and good practices. This female challenge is part of Project Ambizione Italia for Cybersecurity together with Microsoft and the presentation of the third edition of Rising Youth with SAP.

On Friday, October 6 (10-12), the Istituto superiore Schiaparelli-Gramsci in Milan (and in streaming for all Italian schools participating in the project) will kick off the third edition of Rising Youth, involving high school students in interactive sessions on emerging technology. The labs will prepare participants for the final hackathon that will be held in March at RomeCup. The Milan event will focus on the contribution of artificial intelligence systems for company sustainability.

On Friday, October 6 (10:30),  the Microsoft House will kick off the CyberSHEcurity Challenge, with forty young female students in Milan working as a cybersecurity team to develop a business prevention and defence strategy against cybercriminals. The young protagonists will face topical issues, such as privacy and data security. The objective is to help these women grasp the many career opportunities available in a rapidly expanding sector, cybersecurity, but whose female workforce only represents 25% of workers in 2023.


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