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OfficinaDigitale’s Videos

OfficinaDigitale con Unicredit

OfficinaDigitale’s Videos

OfficinaDigitale’s Videos

"Real-life Tutorials" based on true problems


OfficinaDigitale - Digital Workshop, the course on digital and financial education promoted by UniCredit with the contribution of the Fondazione Mondo Digitale and TechSoup, and the participation of the Italian Postal Police, includes not only meetings both in-presence and on-line, but also videos to focus on the use of digital tools and their use in everyday life.

The videos are "real-life tutorials" based on problems that really occur in the lives of the elderly. The solution is suggested in a simple manner by a grandson or grandchild based on the efficient formula provided by intergenerational learning, which has been experimented with success with the Grandparents on the Internet Model. The videos were produced by social enterprise TechSoup.

The Unicredit page dedicated to Project OfficinaDigitale also includes three videos on how an on-line bank works.

What is the Internet, what is it for, how does one navigate safely, what are the main browsers? Let’s begin navigating with the first video...

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UniCredit, as part of the ESG Italy Educational Program, with the contribution of Fondazione Mondo Digitale, TechSoup and the participation of Polizia Postale, is organizing a digital and financial education...

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