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The Metaverse for Cure Quality

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The Metaverse for Cure Quality

The Metaverse for Cure Quality

Last leg of the tour dedicated to the Mediverse at the Fondazione Golinelli in Bologna.

Although its exact form is not yet known, the Metaverse, understood as a set of interconnected digital environments and immersive three-dimensional experiences, promises to be the next evolution of the Internet. The defining quality of the metaverse for people who use it will be a feeling of presence achieved through the convergence of several different forms of technology, including virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR), blockchain, and artificial intelligence (AI). The metaverse and its component technologies are already driving investment and innovation across Europe. Business adoption of VR and AR is higher in the EU (10%) than in the US (9%) and t is highest in Belgium, the Czech Republic, and Finland, according to The Metaverse: An Opportunity for The European Union study conducted by Meta with a methodology. Indeed, the economic impact of the metaverse in Italy could reach €28-52 billion by 2035, while it could generate €259-489 billion per year in the EU.

What are the possible applications of the Metaverse for health? How can we reduce costs and waste in healthcare? How can we manage the shortage of healthcare workers? How can we deal with the increase in chronic diseases? And how can we guarantee equal access to care?

The joint work session scheduled for Friday, February 23 at the Fondazione Golinelli  will address a number of case studies based on the metaverse. The goal will be to understand how new technology can improve the quality of the healthcare system in terms of intervention and treatment, ensure equal professional training opportunities for doctors and healthcare workers, and help research create global healthcare databases.

The event is free and open to everyone.



10.30   WELCOME

  • Antonio Danieli, Vice-President and Director General, Fondazione Golinelli
  • Alfonso Molina, Scientific Director, Fondazione Mondo Digitale
  • Costanza Andreini, Public Policy Manager Italy, Meta (video conference)
  • Ennio Tasciotti, Director, Human Longevity Programme, IRCCS San Raffaele (video conference)


  • Luca Greci, Technical Manager, Engineering


Huvant presentation by Tommaso Santaniello, CEO Huvant and Giampaolo Melli, Huvant Advisor. G

Golinelli LiVE presentation by Francesco Cavallo, Head, VR Division Fondazione Golinelli, and Alessandro Saracino, Programme Manager, Didactic and Technological Innovation, Fondazione Golinelli.


  • Elisa Amorelli, Communications, Institutional Relations, and Social Marketing Coordinator, Fondazione Mondo Digitale




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