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On-line Security and Privacy

On-line Security and Privacy

The TRUST aWARE team wins the prestigious "Best Paper Award Antonio Cerrato”

The fourth edition of the Technology Enhanced Learning Environments for Blended Education (teleXbe) Conference also featured the fourth edition of the Best Paper Award Antonio Cerrato. The scientific award is dedicated to Antonio Cerrato, who passed in 2020, at only 32, and his passion for research in Technology Enhanced Learning.

The award was presented to the TRUST aWARE team for the article entitled “From a user-centric co-creation process and assessment approach to a cyber literacy path: the TRUST aWARE pilot experience" written by Andres del Álamo Cienfuegos from the Fondazione Cibervoluntarios for the June conference. The article was written in collaboration with Annaleda Mazzucato from the Fondazione Mondo Digitale and Maria Pretel Aguilar, also Fondazione Cibervoluntarios. The award underlined the practical applicability of the contribution and innovation in education. 

The document presents the practical approach to the use of AI and the development of natural language programming (NLP) developed by TRUST aWARE for privacy issues, to provide digital literacy labs to schools, and more. The objective is to educate people to on-line security and privacy in a simple and comprehensible manner, using AI as a bridge to promote critical thinking and ethical debates.

TRUST aWARE solutions and tools are already applied on various platforms, including social networks, websites, mobile apps, on-line banking, etc., to protect freedom, security and privacy in digital environments, whilst also improving cybersecurity and the digital market placement of the EU.

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