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From Chatbots to Human Digitals

Umani digitali

From Chatbots to Human Digitals

From Chatbots to Human Digitals

Educational session for schools in Piedmont and Lombardy

With Intesa Sanpaolo, Google Cloud, and Tim Enterprise, we invite schools in Lombardy and Piedmont to participate in the on-line educational session dedicated to Human Digitals: Towards a Charter of Rights, which will be held on Friday, November 24, from 10.30am to 1.00pm, at the Liceo Altiero Spinelli in Turin.

For the first time, students will be involved in a course on the transformation of user experience through the use of human digitals. How is artificial intelligence with a human face changing the way we communicate? What role can a human digital play in a company? We live in the era of customer experience based on conversational and multi-sensory artificial intelligence.

Participating schools include programmes that are only apparently less affected by the digital transformation: i.e., economic, legal, and social curricula.

The objective is to orient young people on how the world of work is changing and involve them in the creation of the first Charter of Rights on human digitals by Italian students through the definition of the fundamental principles that must regulate the interaction between humans and digital humans.

The session will be held by experts from the Innovation Centre at Intesa San Paolo.

A web space is available with training materials of various kinds (video contributions, demos, articles, papers, insights, declarations, charters of rights) for interested classes. It is possible to work on the Charter of Rights by submitting, by February, a brief one-page description which will feed into the final document that will then be discussed at RomeCup 2024.

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