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A Career for Health

Che cosa pensano e dicono i giovani quando si parla di tumori

A Career for Health

A Career for Health

What young people think and say about tumours, on Vanity Fair.

[...] About half of the interviewed students dream, for example, of a career in the world of medicine and science (25.9% as a doctor and 25% as a researcher) while as many as 26.9% declare they want to engage as a volunteer (1 in 4), as per a tradition that has fortunately always been very strong in our country. A smaller percentage is evaluating other types of health-related professions: nurses, scientific journalists, or data analysis experts. The data therefore shows - also in contrast to other investigations pointing to a lack of STEM subjects - a positive propensity towards professions linked to the medical-scientific world, an encouraging aspect in a country in which studies in this area are traditionally less prominent among the choices of young people. [...]

On Vanity Fair, journalist Simone Cosimi addresses and comments the survey conducted on for World Cancer Day 2024 by Johnson & Johnson and Fondazione Mondo Digitale ETS on a panel of over 400 high school students from all over Italy who participate in Factor J, a project dedicated to raising awareness and educating young people about science and health [see news: Students Fighting Against Tumours]. 


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