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16th Edition of RomeCup

Mondiali di robotica

16th Edition of RomeCup

16th Edition of RomeCup

Robotics World Cup Categories at Bordeaux

The 16th edition of RomeCup, the great event dedicated to the frontiers of technological development for people and the planet, will be held on May 3-5, 2023 at the Rome Campus Bio-Medico University and at the Rome Campidoglio. The objective is to discuss science and technology with schools, universities, enterprise, and institutions. RomeCup proposes an innovative educational approach to promote the growth of youth by orienting them into a new, integrated, and multidisciplinary educational model. Scientists, philosophers, educators, opinion makers, intellectuals, scholars, company leaders and public decision makers will address the crucial issues posed by technological evolution.

Will a team of completely independent humanoid robots be able to beat the FIFA World Champion by 2050?

RomeCup 2023 will decide which teams qualify to participate in the RoboCupJunior World Championship in Bordeaux on July 4-10, 2023, in the following categories:

  • Soccer Light Weight
  • Soccer Open League
  • Rescue Simulation

Official Video - RomeCup 2022

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