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Digital skills for active citizenship

Le competenze digitali per la cittadinanza attiva
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Digital skills for active citizenship

Digital skills for active citizenship

Job Digital Lab video courses

As part of the Job Digital lab project, training that puts you in the game, a set of 10 modules is available in the format of self-paced video courses divided into the four DigComp 2.2 areas of interest

  • Information and data literacy
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Digital content creation
  • Security.

Target group: Citizens who want to develop or enhance their digital skills

Duration: 8 hours

Structure: 4 self-paced courses

Trainers: Lara Forgione, Susanna Bulgheroni, Gerardo Gervasio, Simone Guarino

Competence Area 1. Information and data literacy

Available from 14 July

Surfing the net: searching and filtering data, information and digital content

Evaluating online content: critically evaluate and interpret data, information and digital content

Competence Area 2. Communication and collaboration

Available from 21 July

Digital services for the citizen: SPID, home banking, App IO 

Digital rights and principles: copyrights, netiquette, creative commons 

Web reputation: How to build it, how to maintain it and how to avoid mistakes on the web

    Competence Area 3. Digital Content Creation

    Available from 28 July

    Digital storytelling: creating digital content for basic storytelling

    Instagram Stories: secrets for building an emotional and effective storytelling

    Area of Competence 4. Security

    Available from 28 July

    Security and privacy: personal data, GDPR, cookies, data breach, cybercrime 

    Cybersecurity: malware, social engineering, case studies, phishing, data breach

    Phishing: digital literacy, fake news, phishing, passwords and one time passwords (OTP)


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