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Curricular innovation

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Curricular innovation

Curricular innovation

Curricular innovation is the daily challenge that sees teachers all over Italy engaged in the continuous regeneration of methods, tools, approaches, in order to make learning engaging, current, inclusive. 

The role of educating communities is crucial in this: each teacher is the natural innovator of his or her work, but it is only through shared experimentation that teaching that is authentically for all can become a reality. This course offers secondary school teachers the resources and tools to

  • understand and participate in the process of systemic innovation in schools
  • update their technical and teaching skills through digital skills webinars
  • bring inclusive innovation into the classroom through OpenSPACE teaching kits

Objective: to transfer the critical, technical and epistemological know-how of FMD to schools in order to innovate teaching through the configuration of an open, interconnected and change-friendly ecosystem.

Target group: teachers from schools of different levels and grades

Modality: self-paced video and classroom experimentation

Certificate: participation and open badge



Module 1: Systemic innovation in schools

Module 2: Digital upskilling

Teaching kits

  • Space Invaders
  • A link to the stars
  • Open Tracks
  • Young Citizens
  • Fake Busters
  • Imagine That
  • Came from afar
  • Signs and Signals
  • App To The Top 
  • Double desk trib(ut)e
  • A mathematical adventure
  • The Human Rights Room
  • Gimmy
  • Science@pp
  • In and out of the water: virtual dives and space sojourns


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