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Flip Ideal

Flip Ideal

European project testing the upside-down classroom for adult education with low skills

Many European adults have not developed adequate skills to work and live in the 21st century. To respond to this challenge, the biennial project "FLIP-IDEAL - Flipped Learning in Adult Education" (1.09.2018 - 31.08.2020), which is funded under the Erasmus + KA2 program, explores the use of the flipped classroom in the context of adult education. They give particular attention to the most vulnerable recipients with low level skills. The project develops and tests practical tools, tutorials and guidelines to support teachers and trainers in applying the flipped classroom in their daily teaching contexts. It aims to improve the quality of the didactic and methodological approach and encourage the use of new technologies to support the learning process.

In addition, the project experiments with Open Badges to certify the professional development of adult educators. Also, by using flipped classes with adults it promotes the sharing of successful experiences. In the final phase of the project each partner organizes a national dissemination seminar.

The participants

The project actively involves 24 educators (4 for each partner) who work with different adult recipients. After a training seminar on the inverted class, the trainers are asked to experiment with the methodology and to participate in the development of new tools.

Expected results

The four intellectual outputs of the project will offer solutions to integrate the flipped class in the context of teaching students with poor digital skills.

  • Theoretical context: explore the pedagogy behind the upside-down class method and look at ways to adapt this method to target groups of low-skilled adults
  • Online course for adult educators: provides real-life cases and experiences in the use of the inverted classroom with low-skilled adults
  • Guidelines: introduces guidelines to ensure quality content for inverted classes in adult education
  • Open Digital Badge System: provides information on how to use digital badges to accredit the skills and competences of educators and adults




Five of the partners have already successfully collaborated in the "IDEAL - Integrating Digital Education in Adult Literacy" project, which represents its natural continuation and evolution.

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