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OfficinaDigitale and Real-life Tutorials


OfficinaDigitale and Real-life Tutorials

OfficinaDigitale and Real-life Tutorials

Educational appointments begin again after the summer break

On the page dedicated to OfficinaDigitale – Digital Workshop, the digital and financial education course promoted by UniCredit together with Fondazione Mondo DigitaleTechSoup and the participation of the Italian  Postal Police, you can find the dates for the new sessions in each region.

In order to provide further educational tools to over-65s, besides on-line and in-presence meetings, videos have been produced to delve further into the use of digital tools and their utility in everyday life. These are “real life tutorials” based on the real issues that can be encountered by senior citizens. The solutions are provided in a simple and immediate manner by a grandchild as per the efficient formula provided the intergenerational learning, a model that was successfully experimented with Grandparents on the Internet. The videos were produced by social enterprise TechSoup.

The Unicredit page dedicated to Project OfficinaDigitale also includes three videos on how an on-line bank works.

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