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A Mapping of Innovative Education

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A Mapping of Innovative Education

A Mapping of Innovative Education

An Ashoka Italia initiative seeking transformation experiences.


Ashoka Italia, together with strategic partners, has kicked off a shared project to research, analyse, and organise educational experiences of change to reach, identify, analyse, understand, and disseminate the state of the art of educational innovation in Italy.


Ten partners will collaborate on the mapping of educational innovation, including Indire, Teach for Italy, Fondazione Mondo Digitale, Deascuola, WeSchool, School Innovation Lab, Canva, Casco Learning, Edunauta di Generas Foundation, Scuole Sostenibili, Scuole Naturali, Fondazione San Zeno, and Fondazione Pietro Pittini.


The social demand for change in education has markedly increased and the educational community has begun to welcome innovation as a methodology to face and find efficient solutions to today’s complex changes. Funding provided by Mission 4 of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, as well as national and European funding, aim to make schools into innovative, sustainable, secure and inclusive, opening the road to further incentives that will activate new processes of educational innovation.


The call to action seeks innovation experiences with a transformative vision of education.


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