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Become the Green Champion 2023

People Power con Italgas

Become the Green Champion 2023

Become the Green Champion 2023

Participate in the Talent Tour with Italgas. Event in Rome

Fondazione Mondo Digitale and Italgas are organizing a talent scouting initiative to learn about the challenges, and technological and green scenarios, on which the company is working, but also to provide graduates and undergraduates in Economics and STEM disciplines with the opportunity to be considered for an internship.

The People Power – Talent Tour Project provides participants with the opportunity to test themselves in a creative challenge to become the Green Champion 2023. All participants will have the opportunity to meet with the Italgas HR team and be selected for an interview.

A creative challenge will test the participants’ ideas and projects in terms of innovation to best interpret the group's values. The creathon day will be preceded, approximately two weeks earlier, by an inspirational talk by Italgas managers at the hosting faculty.


When: October 2, 8.30 - 18.30

Where: University of Roma Tre, Department of Industrial, Electronic, and Mechanical Engineering – Conference Hall (Via Vito Volterra 62, Nuova Vasca Navale - Building B)

Hosting Faculty: Fulvio Palmieri (Department of Industrial, Electronic, and Mechanical Engineering)

Type: on-site

Target: students/graduates/PhD students in Economics and STEM subjects

 The registration deadline is October 12.


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