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Self-entrepreneurship: from idea to project

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Self-entrepreneurship: from idea to project

Self-entrepreneurship: from idea to project

Ambizione Italia per il lavoro Course

How can I tell if it is a good idea? Where do I start to build the business plan? What are the key skills for running a business project?

Turn your idea into reality thanks to the free digital entrepreneurship training course, where you will learn everything about the conception, design, presentation and financing phases of your dream project, acquiring strategic digital skills and tools for your business.   


Design thinking
Conception and innovation
Competitors Analysing the market
Audience and stakeholders Target analysis
Business plan design
Pitch presentation

Aimed at all

6 modules of 1½ hours each

Webinar on demand

After downloading your certificate of participation, log on to the LinkedIn Learning platform and continue learning with the free on-demand course "Become an Entrepreneur. You will get the certificate of completion issued by LinkedIn to attach to your CV or share on your social channels.

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