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Digital for Entrepreneurship

Digitale per l'imprenditoria

Digital for Entrepreneurship

Digital for Entrepreneurship

Job Digital Lab video courses

As part of the Job Digital lab project, the training that puts you in the game, four self-paced video courses and a web app (Personal Ecosystem Canvas) are available to train your level of awareness and self-efficacy. 

The self-paced course, to best set up the processes of developing and testing ideas, is developed according to the EntreComp model, which considers entrepreneurship a key transversal competence in all spheres of life. The relevant training area is based on the core digital competences for entrepreneurship to turn ideas and opportunities into concrete actions, through content creation and marketing, e-commerce and cybersecurity (EntreComp, Area 3 "In Action").

Using the self-analysis tool Personal Ecosystem Canvas (web app), one can identify one's current strengths and areas for future improvement (EntreComp, Area 2.1 'Self-awareness and self-efficacy'). With design thinking, on the other hand, you can identify your project steps and rethink your business strategy and develop a vision to turn ideas into action (EntreComp, Area 1.3 'Vision').

Target group: entrepreneurs, SMEs, professionals and trade associations

Total duration of the course: 5 hours

Each video course consists of 5 or 6 short modules totalling approximately one hour.



Everything you wanted to know about content creation and copywriting, but never dared to ask: how to tell the story of a brand, a product or a service. The skills involved, the stages of work, the organisation of content.

Available from 19 May


Where do you go if you don't have e-commerce? How to structure a marketing plan to intercept your target audience and sell products and/or services through the web. Available from 1 June


Design Thinking: theoretical and methodological introduction to design techniques. Processes and case studies are analysed.

Available from 9 June


Cybersecurity: as small and medium-sized enterprises are increasingly exposed to cyber attacks, digital security becomes essential to protect the value of their business, guarantee data privacy and intervene early in the event of 'incidents' caused by hackers.

Available from 16 June

RECIPIENTS: Entrepreneurs, freelancers, SMEs

TRAINERS: Nicoletta Vulpetti, Daniela Brunno, Valentina Bova, Simone Guarino


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