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Developing Serious Game

Serious Game

Developing Serious Game

Developing Serious Game

How to learn by playing in all contexts, from business to social

Video games are not just entertainment. Companies and cultural enterprises also use the narrative and immersive potential of video games to make simulations, products and events more engaging. Games of this kind, which are called serious games (or applied games), are also educational tools that turn learning into an enjoyable and entertaining experience. They can be used in different contexts and are also effective in rehabilitation processes.

An experienced trainer guides you through the creation of a simple 2D serious game, also learning how to manage the dialogue system.

In the various appointments you will discover Unity 3D, one of the most famous game engines used to develop games, take your first steps in C#, a language used in many contexts even outside game development, and tackle the writing of a game with the proposed objectives in mind. And finally you will see how to unite all the elements by creating game dialogues using Ink and placing them within Unity.

The final product is a game to be realised from the materials provided and that responds to a proposed theme/objective in such a way as to simulate a real job requirement.

The course is preparatory to the MS Learn certification.


Starting on 7 November, ten meetings of one and a half hours, always at the same time, from 4.30 p.m. to 6 p.m.

  • Monday 7 November - Introduction to game development in Unity
  • Friday 11 November - Introduction to Applied Games
  • Monday 14 November - The elements of a game scene
  • Friday 18 November - Story and Narrative
  • Monday 21 November - 2D Control System
  • Friday 25 November - Development Documents
  • Monday 28 November - Tilemaps
  • Friday 2 December - Writing dialogues with Ink
  • Monday 5 December - Dialogue Management and Multiple Choices
  • Wednesday 7 December - Game Build

Trainer: Jacopo Zuliani, Game Developer and Game Designer

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