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Become a data analyst

Data analyst

Become a data analyst

Become a data analyst

The professional who turns data into a resource

Data are important assets for organisations and their analysis plays a strategic role in their success. Professionals specialised in data analysis (data analysts), through a series of methodologies and tools, are able to transform data into information and knowledge to support an organisation's decision-making and operational processes.

The training course is divided into modules that alternate theoretical and practical content. After a general introduction to standardise the participants' initial knowledge on the subject and to clarify the differences between data, information and knowledge, the different phases that characterise the data analysis process are addressed, namely 

  • Business Goals Definition
  • Data Collecting
  • Data Cleaning
  • Data Analysis
  • Results Interpretation and Communication. 

The different modules enable participants to acquire the knowledge and skills required to define analysis goals, collect data in different formats, organise it in such a way that a targeted analysis can be conducted based on the application of mathematical and statistical methods, and communicate the processed information effectively. Among the various tools, in addition to the SQL language for database management, the Python programming language and the related Data Analysis libraries (e.g. Panda, NumPY) play an important role.

Trainer: Piergiorgio Ricci


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