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Digital literacy and awareness

Alfabetizzazione e consapevolezza digitale

Digital literacy and awareness

Digital literacy and awareness

To use the Internet and its main tools, to surf online safely and work efficiently and optimally, wherever you are and whenever you want, start your free training now!

Once you have learnt the basics, you will understand how to use the web, blogs and social media to create content that can enrich your personal online storytelling and achieve all your goals. To do this to the best of your ability, time organisation notions and techniques are also provided in this course.

The skills you will gain

  • digital, financial, economic, strategic and language skills;
  • communication and interpersonal skills, flexibility, adaptation, foresight;
  • problem solving.


The course

  • 8 modules
  • 90 min. per module
  • Certificate of participation
  • Final questionnaire

No basic skills are required to participate.

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